Quick Gift Ideas 

Valentine’sDay is a time for couples to show their appreciation and love towards their partner. Thiscan be shown in many ways – through the giving of gifts, the planning of specialevents or by simply telling them how much you care. The team here has comeup with a quick present and gift list to help those of you out there who arelooking for some ideas. They are short and sweet, but have the potential to be expandedand formed into some great Valentine’s Day presents. By far the most popular of gifts is the traditional bunch of roses - why not arrange to have some roses delivered to your Valentine this year? Have fun.
- The team :]

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Show how much you care this year!
  1. A lovely bunch of fresh flowers from Interflora
  2. An evening of wining, dining and dancing
  3. Serenade them with a song (la la la la)
  4. Tattoo their name on your arm (hehe)
  5. Go tandem bike riding or sea kayaking
  6. Evening walk in the moon light
  7. A single red rose with an attached message or poem
  8. An evening of wining, dining and dancing
  9. Send them a card with gift vouchers to their favourite shop inside

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