Making Your Valentine's Day Special 

The secret to making your Valentine's Day really special is to put some time and thought into what you do, whether it's the words you use in your card, or the day/night you have organised for your partner. Be imaginative - do something you have never done before, but be secretive so that you surprise them. Just remember the day is about showing your Valentine how much they really mean to you, so even the most simple of words or present may make the difference. Whatever you end up doing, we hope that your Valentine's Day will be a successful day you both remember and enjoy.

Here are some of ideas on what you can do to
make your partners' Valentine's Day Special:

  • Send them a Valentine's card, expressing your feelings.
  • Cook them breakfast in bed, with the food displayed nicely on a tray and a note telling them how much they mean to you. Pamper and let them relax all morning if you’re both not working.
  • Surprise your partner by cooking them dinner (especially if you normally don't cook) You can always buy prepared foods from Delis & supermarkets if you are not too confident to launch into the kitchen. Have the table set with candles and appropriate background music. Dress for the occasion.
  • Flowers are always a good present for your partner on Valentine's Day. Roses are a traditional expression of love. If it is perfect happiness you feel, then pink roses are the colour for you. If your sweetheart is a charming & innocent then white roses are more suitable. Red roses are for the one you love and desire. Interesting fact: 90% of flowers purchased for Valentine's Day are by men. However this doesn’t mean that you women out there shouldn’t send flowers to your man. A single red rose is often a popular choice.
  • With a family, it's a special day if you work with your kids in making that special dinner or day for your partner. Take them on a picnic to a romantic location e.g. with a view of the city lights, or stars, or even by a river. Have the wine, food and decorations all prepared to take with you.
  • Hire a couple of horses or mountain bikes, and with a picnic lunch in a backpack head off into the hills away from it all.
  • Lingerie. If you're a man, you could purchase some tasteful lingerie for your girl as an impromptu Valentines present. If you're a woman why not buy some new lingerie as a present for both you and your partner!
  • Take them out to a restaurant - most have specials on Valentine's Day. Wine and dine them at your expense. It might be a good idea to book the restaurant well in advance.
  • Take to them to a place they love, or to do something that they have always wanted to do e.g. a ride in a Glider, Hot Air Ballooning, Roller Blading.
  • Hire a Limousine and tell your partner to be ready to go out for dinner at a set time. Go and hit the town in style. Maybe you could try and recreate your first date.
  • Organise a caterer to serve dinner on a table at some exotic location with, for example, a violinist playing while you eat.
  • If you’re feeling rich, hire a Helicopter to drop you off at a remote location. Have a picnic and organise a time for the Helicopter to come and pick you up.
  • Organise a weekend away - Mystery Destination, Romantic hideaways. Even a simple outdoor camping/tramping trip may be the ticket. A new location can help make you spend time focusing on each other rather than on the routines of everyday life.
  • Chocolates!!! It’s a well-known fact that most women love chocolate! Buy her a box of her most favourite brand of chocolates. Accompany it perhaps with an evening of romantic videos e.g. "Ghost", "The Princess Bride", "Romeo & Juliet", "Titanic", "City of Angels", "While you were Sleeping", to name a few.

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