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The upcoming year could be the peak of your love life -- or it could be the pits. How to tell ahead of time? Astrology can determines which Zodiac signs will see the planets lining up on track for you. Venus is the planet of love, so the location of this nearby celestial body is the best way to determine your sign's passion possibilities. Find your sign below to learn when love is most likely to blossom for you.

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Your Valentines Lovescopes for 2021
    After the hectic holidays, you're ready for the New Year 2021 your way, and you may want to start by giving yourself some space in the realm of romance. Taking a step back from an existing relationship to look at the big picture isn't a bad idea in January -- and those who are single will be firmly in a 'my way or the highway' mode (a good way to sort efficiently through potential partners). By February 8th, you're electrified by a new vision, whether it's one of reconnecting or starting fresh, and you're electrically attractive as well. Your big heart and grand intentions fuel you at the end of March; just be gentle with anyone you're leaving by the wayside.

    Something (or someone) exciting and new comes your way in the days following April 7th, and your charisma is undeniable. You're far from the herd, and other wild cards are easy to pick out (and pick up); if you're coupled up, take your sweetie with you to unusual places. Get into the social swing of things in May and June, when you'll be rewarded with mind- and heart-expanding connections.

    Summer might find you slaving away at work instead of enjoying the romantic romps you'd much prefer. Don't get so caught up, however, that you miss the big signals your sweetie or a potential one is sending you -- some progression can occur that's very much to your liking. Schedule hot dates or fabulous getaways around July 21st and August 19th, when your wild appeal is boosted way, way up.

    Summer usually gives you that itchy feeling that you'd rather be somewhere else, doing something else or perhaps with someone else, and denying it only makes matters worse. Singles can soar through this season, while couples might plan a great escape together. By Thanksgiving you'll be more grounded, and ready to recognize how thankful you are. Get yourself under the mistletoe the weekend of December 23rd, and prepare for a very happy New Year 2022   AQUARIUS today

  • PISCES -
    Your list of New Year's 2021 resolutions include something important to you in the love department, and you pursue it with a ferocity that some folks say is quite unlike you. In January, listening closely nets you lots of pertinent information, and after the first week in February you gain an understanding that's invaluable for your love life for the rest of the year. You start a transformation that continues the weekend of February 18th, when you're utterly captivating. The days surrounding March 10th, too, are very favorable for you and whatever romantic antics you're up to.

    Your money may be on your mind in mid-April, but don't miss an opportunity to kick off romance in style from the 14th to the 16th. Singles fascinate all around them with their allure, while the coupled up captivate their sweeties anew. In mid-May, your selfless assistance of someone else in the love arena benefits your romantic karma in amazing ways. As far as your own affairs, it's time to stop analyzing and go for it -- you'll never know what might have been otherwise.

    Winter brings new suitors for singles and a possible change in status for those already attached. The first weekend in June is excellent for communicating your dreamy feelings and abundance of sentiment, while July 23rd and 24th are all about you (and you're all about love). August 19th and the days after mark the hottest point of your personal winter so make hay while the sun shines.

    Plan some moon gazing and some serious romance around September 17th -- staring deep into each other's eyes is definitely in order. And if you've got someone new in mind -- or something new in mind with your current someone -- there's no time like October 22nd through 24th. Relationships are favored right around Thanksgiving and again toward the end of December, so shine yours up or prepare for the gift of a new one.   PISCES today

  • ARIES -
    Your personal New Year brings a renewed sense of purpose and lots of high energy after a minor bump on the 13th. Take all those sparks and translate them directly into romance around January 15th. Couples make interesting new sparks now, While singletons can find someone to warm their heart for the rest of the winter. Your perseverance in the love department pays off in a lovely way right around Valentine's Day, with something (or is it someone you've longed for landing right in your lap?

    A completely star weekend's in store for you beginning March 11th, so plan hot dates with new prospects or weekend getaways with your sweetheart. Relationships you begin or reinvest in now have especially high chances of blooming amazingly this spring. But between March 19th and April 12th, Mercury's retrograde in your very own sign, meaning (like everyone else) you'll need to watch your tongue (and email and text messages) with love interests. But what's it mean especially for you? You'll be afforded an unusual opportunity for introspection -- your true inner self and heartfelt desires are revealed, if you just take the time to look within.

    From mid- March and through the winter, you can take your love life pretty much anywhere you want it to go. Be bold and you'll be rewarded. Singles who risk a big romantic move around May 5th or 6th can hardly go wrong, and the coupled up can take their relationship to the next level. If you miss this opportunity, your passionate powers of persuasion are on fire again the weekend of June 10th. July promises singles a rollicking good time, while those romantically entangled will enjoy leading their significant (or not-so-significant) other into all sorts of new adventures. The cool days of August bring hot romance -- particularly right around the middle of the month.

    Mid-September's the right time to either plant deeper emotional roots or pull up and move on; let intuition be your guide. Then someone entirely, spectacularly new can surprise you after October 17th, or you can surprise yourself with fresh inspiration in an existing bond. November's sprinkled with romantic goodies hidden in the burgeoning holiday bustle, and the weekend of December 9th is all about you (and whomever else you choose to include). End the year with your romantic karma in mind - what you do from December 24th into 2021 will influence your love life dramatically.   ARIES today

  • TAURUS -
    You're nothing if not patient, and in 2021 your calm, cool and collected style gets rewarded in the realm of romance in just the ways you've been waiting for. Your underlying smouldering sexiness sets something very much on fire around the 22nd of January -- fan the flames by speaking your feelings in a way that seems scary but will have splendid results. Keep up the communication; you'll need it to ward off a little jealousy (on your part or theirs) at the outset of February.

    March marks the beginning of your personal spring; you're a hot number and a perfect package, so don't be afraid to sing your own praises a little. If you do, suitors will flock -- or if you're coupled up, you can take your relationship down a sweet garden path at the end of April. Your combination of rock-steady loyalty and alluring appeal gets recognized big-time; then it's your decision from there.

    Winter starts out simmering -- the weekend of June 3rd's already hot to the touch -- and sizzles onward from there. Your passion nearly explodes in mid-July, but your innate caution makes you barely (just barely) keep the lid on it until August, that is. By then, you'll know what you want and you'll know how to get it, and you'll characteristically take a back seat to no one. If anyone tries to play games with you now, they'll be the loser, as you demand all the respect and honesty you deserve.

    Now it's time to take your love life back to school, learning some lessons (some challenging and some fun, of course) and looking toward the future. The middle of September offers a different perspective on romance that makes a great deal of sense, as well as enlightenment about a partnership (potential or otherwise). As you incorporate your revelations in October, you're able to finally let something go -- and embrace something new. Thanksgiving finds you with lots to be thankful for in the realm of romance, and the weekend of December 16th holds gifts for your heart, providing you're not afraid to actively snoop around for them. At New Year's, your love karma's looking very good indeed.   TAURUS today

  • GEMINI -
    Your New Year 2021 begins with you all over the place in the realm of romance, with the kinds of ups and downs that make other people crazy but actually manage to keep your interest high. Be prepared to make a decision about your love life in mid-January, though; keeping a particular option open is no longer, well, an option. After some brief but informative deep thoughts at the outset of February, you enjoy the many sweet treats the rest of the winter sets out for you with your trademark wit and liveliness.

    March 19th, which may bring misunderstandings worthy of a romantic comedy into your life, but with your quick thinking you can turn potential crises into sudden kisses. But you should also look beyond the physical to deeper aspects of people now -- including yourself. You get special access to this new level at the end of March and beginning of April, and your powerful intellect sees how sexy it can be. May and June find you in charge, with your sweetheart or any number of potential ones following along happily.

    Matters of the heart require your focus the first weekend of July, rewarding you with the kinds of conversations and flirtations that have you practically falling in love every other minute. You'll enjoy winters rapid-fire romantic activity, with something new always on the horizon, whether you're single or conducting a raging romance. Even a little oddness in August just adds more colour to the overall picture. As for a weekend of late August 2 -- well, watch out world, here you come.

    Come spring, your bewitching variety of talents ensnares you in something that could be serious -- if you let it be. The 10th and 11th of September offer insight to help you decide. It's spooky how sexy you are on Halloween, and the attention you get may even be almost too much for you. But beware of another retrograde from November 13th to December 3rd -- say what you mean and mean what you say. Then get yourself under the mistletoe the weekend of December 23rd and kiss the year good-bye -- and someone sweet hello.   GEMINI today

  • CANCER -
    If your love life at the end of 2020 was a little too snug even for cozy you, prepare to change things up for the better. If you're coupled up, caring may have shifted to feeling a little confined; if you're single, the spring doldrums may have left you uninspired. The New Year' 2021 your wake-up call; boldly re think your love life now, then set about making it happen with your usual tenacity. January 22nd through the 29th is an excellent time to begin, and February 19th and the week that follows are all about expanding romantic horizons.

    Speaking of expanding, your trademark generosity increases exponentially in March; just make sure anyone who's enjoying your lovely nurturing is worthy. Your sentimental nature requires much consideration, and you won't accept being taken for granted now (or ever, really). As other's thoughts turn with spring to love, you may become deeply involved in work. It'll prove rewarding, but take time out (especially in mid-April) for your love life. And take time out to deal with indecision surrounding a relationship or a potential one around May 19th; given a little space, your heart will tell you what to do, loud and clear.

    Passion in June could rock your world, with June 17th bringing an unusual intensity -- but wait to interpret your wild emotional responses further before committing to anything long-term. July kicks off with the cosmos smiling directly on you; you'll charm the socks off anyone you choose, and social events seem made for you to be the centrepiece. And with your high energy at the end of August, you can initiate something very sweet, whether it's with your long time love or someone brand-new.

    With the onset of Spring you realize your personal philosophy of love needs updating to incorporate some new understanding. The weekend of September 16th is the perfect time to listen to your inner voice and explore the unknown -- whether it's unknown ideas or unknown people. Family matters are highlighted in the first half of October, and how you define your family may even change. Thanksgiving may find you busily making romantic plans along with a lovely dinner, and your December holidays are merry, bright and generally gorgeous, especially in the arena of love.   CANCER today

  • LEO -
    Make time for you as you kick off your brand-new year 2021. The demands on your time are many, and a little maintenance on the heart by way of some peace and quiet will stand you in good stead. Start your Valentine's festivities early on February 11th; you can sweep anyone off their feet, regardless of whether it's your long time sweetheart or someone brand-new. March 15th may find you uncharacteristically indecisive about some matter of the heart. Give it a few days and your intuition will kick in; then you'll create some fabulous excitement around the 21st.

    Now a reawakening of love (or is that lust?) and the blooming of everything around you, which always makes you want to roar. However, the 11th of April begins a week in which singles on the prowl might want to tone it down a little, while long-term relationships go suddenly from a state of hibernation to spring fever. Look for more action in your love life from May 23rd to 25th, when your generous spirit is rewarded very sweetly indeed -- perhaps you're the one being swept off your feet now.

    For a good time in June, you need look no further than 10th, when you’re always indisputable magnificence is virtually blinding. Issue sunglasses to your crowd of admirers, then see which one looks best in your lovely glow. If you're coupled up, let your intuition guide you around July 5th; after the fireworks fade, you can spark something special indeed. From July 23rd through August 16th, you'll want to be extra-super-cautious in communications with those you're romancing, as Mercury's in retrograde in your very own sign. Handle the inevitable mix-ups by dishing out some of your trademark generosity.

    The very beginning of September's got your name written on it, so take that first weekend and have your way with it. The 10th and 11th, too, have you-plus-romance all over them. October finds your natural charm turned way, way up; the coupled up can enjoy some extra autumnal coziness, while singletons can attract someone as loving and loyal as they themselves. Holiday socializing heats up in mid-November, with you as always at the centre of every party (holding the mistletoe over your own head, of course). Plan a getaway in December; it'll be romantic, whether you're traveling with your sweetie or going solo.   LEO today

  • VIRGO -
    With the brand-spanking New Year 2021, your urge to find a place for everything and get everything in its place kicks in, especially as you think about realizing your sweet little romantic resolutions. But you're also well aware that love often refuses to fit into tidy niches, preferring to act gorgeously unruly and surprise you when you least expect it. The end of January and the beginning of February are the perfect time to delve deeper into your personal romantic philosophy -- and to realize giving up a little control and keeping your expectations flexible can bring unexpectedly fabulous results.

    Watch for someone who perceives your bountiful passion through your external reserve around February 23rd -- and watch for things to progress beautifully for the next month. Those already coupled up may find their relationship rather suddenly at an entirely new level. Watch what you say, and double-check email and text message from mid-March to mid-April as your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde, bringing the possibility of your love interest misunderstanding you entirely. But spring showers you with more romance, with April a month of hearts and flowers.

    June may bring the kind of affair that has your usually level head up in the clouds -- but do keep your practical feet on the ground, as things may not be quite what they seem. The first weekend in July offers clarity (if you're keeping your eyes and your heart open). The rest of winter gives you opportunities in the realm of romance you can really sink your teeth into -- the juicy kind that please both your emotional side and your intellect.

    September 2nd is off to a fun and flirtatious start, with both your wit and charm nearly off the charts -- and for you, that's saying something. Watch for more of the same on September 30 and the following days. October or November finds you in your trademark care giving mode, but you'll want to make sure the recipient is absolutely worthy of your attentions before moving forward. At Thanksgiving, you're thanking your lucky romantic stars for where you are now, and the December holidays bring new sparkling joy to your heart.   VIRGO today

  • LIBRA -
    If your New Year 2021 gets off to a bit of a slow start in the love department, work on your romantic karma by doing some of your trademark matchmaking. Your perceptiveness and natural knack for connections, along with your subtlety and diplomacy, mean that in January and February you can easily assist those who tend more toward floundering in the realm of romance. They'll thank you, and by March you'll reap some intense rewards. The fabulousness of March 25th is practically over whelming, as you're showered with attention and dishing it right back out to someone wonderful.

    Around April 8th, love blossoms for you, it's all about relationships -- and it's all up to you. Get clarity surrounding what you truly want, and then all you have to do is communicate to obtain it. The weekend of April 22nd and the following days find you sitting pretty in the realm of romance, perhaps with the perfect someone to share your throne. Things develop at an exponential rate from there, with May and June sprinkled liberally with happy days and increasingly hot nights.

    You're not prone to jealousy, but if something offends your sense of fair play in the love arena at summer's outset, you could find yourself suddenly cozy with the green-eyed monster. Don't hold it in; with your natural grace, you can express your feelings (perhaps around mid-July) and come out feeling better and stronger. Your relationship or a potential one will benefit as well, with some sweet results to be found toward the end of August.

    If a romantic test comes your way in September, you'll pass with flying colours, and the beginning of October invites fresh, exciting new energy into your love life. Be open and let it in no matter what unusual form it may take, and be ready for almost anything to happen. November offers several days of particular sweetness beginning on the 12th, while your December holidays are happily family-oriented -- and your notion of family may suddenly, beautifully expand. And from December 24th through January 2021, you have a stellar opportunity to examine and reshape the role of love in your life.   LIBRA today

    The New Year 2021 finds you in a philosophical mode, investigating and questioning anew things you may have accepted or taken for granted for some time. Naturally, you're probing the realm of romance as well -- and in January you're having amazing realizations. There are practically cartoon light bulbs popping on over your head, illuminating your love life in most interesting ways. Share your revelations February 18th) -- and watch as the power of your intellect heats things up (particularly at the end of March).

    April brings a little less conversation and a lot more action. Love is in the air and life is all about relationships, and you're well aware of your power to make your fantasies into reality. Don't miss an especially spectacular opportunity to do so around April 24th and again around May 23rd. If you're coupled up, you can transform and re intensify your relationship now -- and if you're single, the world had better watch out.

    Some new ideas are brought into your personal romantic arena in early winter, as well as some inspiring new people. At the same time, an old issue in your love life could revive itself, to your consternation. Don't forget to learn from the experiences of those around you, and don't forget to maintain forward motion. Your natural passion regains momentum the weekend of July 15th -- then your intuition guides you to exactly where you want to be at the beginning of August.

    In mid-September, you're deeply involved in investigating some of the many mysteries of love, while October sees your desires really fired up (and for you, that's saying something). You won't accept anything halfway, nor should you. November 1st looks intense -- take advantage of it. Watch your communication, especially in romance, from November 13th through December 3rd, when Mercury retrogrades through your very own sign; little mix-ups are inevitable, but you can prevent full-blown breakdowns. Get what you want December 16th (and don't be surprised if it comes in a strange package).   SCORPIO today

    You're in a fabulous mood as the New Year commences, and the whole world's ready to eat you up with a fork and spoon. You're having fun mixing it up a bit in your love life, whether you're single or coupled up; mid-January finds you especially irresistible. Then, with your usual stellar timing, both your creativity and your powers of communication sizzle right around Valentine's Day. The weekend of March 25th heats things up further, with the chance to add your hopes and dreams right into your romantic reality.

    While you’re certainly susceptible to love fever, accompanied by feverish activity in your ever-busy brain. In the love department, this means expanding your explorations and even rethinking some of your ideals. Growth and happiness will result, especially in mid-April. In the days leading up to May 23rd, someone's very interested in learning more about your philosophy of love -- up close and personal. You share generously, as always, whether it's with a tried-and-true sweetie or somebody new.

    Winter means incorporating spring's bountiful intellectual activity into your everyday love life, and you're just the person to make it all work out beautifully. You may also be incorporating a new person into your day-to-day schedule, and for your liberty-loving self, this always involves some compromises. A good sense of humour is your best ally, and singles and the coupled up alike enjoy a good laugh (and possibly a good romp) July 8th. Then the days surrounding August 6th are fiery indeed.

    In September, inspiration for your love life is available right, left and sideways, so get yourself out there -- singles should try an entirely different mode of meeting people for sweet results. Some unexpected admiration takes things to another level in October, so be ready to respond in whatever way you choose. From November 13th through December 3rd, Mercury's in retrograde, partially in your very own sign -- so caution in romantic liaisons is essential. Meanwhile, though, December 1st gives you a stellar chance to spark something new -- or renew something sparkling. The days just before the end of the year are all about you, so celebrate yourself in fine style   SAGITTARIUS today

    Your 2021 New Year starts off with a bang indeed - while you may be seriously chipping away at your list of resolutions in other areas, your reserve is blown away in the love department directly after the first week in January. You surprise the heck out of yourself, and whether you're carousing with somebody new or just anew with your steady, they're pleasantly shocked as well. Then your trademark perseverance in some matter of the heart can pay off February 4th -- and the weekend starting March 4th can be whatever you want to make it.

    Summer is all about relationships. If you're coupled up, you're as protective of your privacy as ever to outsiders, yet you slowly see that letting your true tenderness show is a risk very much worth taking -- perhaps beginning April 1st (no fooling). Similarly, singletons amp up their love lives by getting a little deeper, realizing there's not much to lose and a great deal to gain. May 7th and 8th hold much promise, romantically speaking, and June 22nd is a perfect time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

    Your heart continues to occupy your mind through winter with the weekend of July 15th presenting a decision that you're very much ready for. Those who think of you in a business-like way make some major adjustments at the beginning of August, as your love life takes you through some extremes that you ultimately find thrilling. Who knew you were so wild at heart?

    With your innate practicality, you're never one to dwell on your romantic past; but in autumn, someone from your romantic past may be dwelling on you. Your old loyalty may be sparked, but is the connection still there? Let your intuition guide your, especially the weekend of September 16th. In October and November, your mind's on your money and your money's on your mind, but don't exclude the nourishment of a sweet little something in the romance department. Look for a hot holiday party on December 16th or 17th, and as far as New Year's Eve weekend, it's got your name (plus someone else's) written all over it.   CAPRICORN today

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